Seth Aron

Seth Aron, founding partner, leads Technology R&D at Catalytic Group. He built, launched, and sold one of the first web agencies and brings over twenty-five years of industry experience in Internet related technologies.

In 1994, Seth co-founded Small World Software, at the time one of few profitable web agencies. There he pioneered many Internet technologies that are now commonplace, such as dynamic page generation, large database integration, state preservation, and the web application server model. As co-founder of one of the first web-content companies, Small World Sports, he helped pioneer the early Internet business models: pay for content, advertising, and online sponsorship. He has managed infrastructure and scale, helping to build businesses around Internet applications that serve millions of pages per day.

Before getting involved with Internet technologies, Seth provided innovations for the database publishing and embedded systems marketplaces. All told, Seth has developed solutions for companies including: BoxHill Systems, iTurf, FujiFilm, CometSystems, Xerox, ABC Television, Casio, CNN/SI, Avon Books, The Hagstrom Map Company, and more.

Seth has a B.S.E. in computer engineering from Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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