Project Management

Frequently, the logistics of getting large technical projects done can seem daunting. We understand the project life-cycle and can become a part of your internal team, working with you on all aspects of the project, technical and non-technical alike. When your technical challenges are organization-wide in scope, we can even act as your interim CTO.

Our project management team will help you avoid the pitfalls of "waterfall" design processes in which everything is supposed to come together at the end of the project. In the real world, where the unexpected is the norm, this popular yet flawed process rarely gets the job done on time and on budget. Instead, we rely on an our iterative methodology, which adapts quickly to changing circumstances and keeps projects on track.

Close and frequent client contact is essential for a successful project. Accordingly, we maintain a network of extranets and staging servers and post project updates constantly throughout the project life-cycle. Our clients can "click the buttons" to see how their project is progressing 24/7. There is never a question about a project's status and all members of the team are continuously informed and up-to-date.