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For many mid-sized companies, the return on investment of the large full-featured content management products just doesn't make sense, but the small, limited products don't have the features they need. That's why we created SiteWide CMS. Born of over a decade of experience providing custom content management solutions for clients, SiteWide CMS has the features you need without the bloat and complexity of the larger products and at an affordable price.


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Pull Model

SiteWide CMS implements an on-demand "pull" model for page generation. New, approved content appears automatically on existing site pages with no separate page publishing steps. This makes keeping site content up-to-date almost trivial for content administrators, who are free to focus on content management instead of web site management. It also means turnaround time for urgent updates is virtually instantaneous.

Content-rich Applications

Unlike traditional publish models that rely on a limited number of pre-defined layout templates, SiteWide CMS enables the creation of truly dynamic, content-rich applications by completely separating the layout from the content. Personalizing content delivery for users, hosting multiple distinct front-ends, and providing multiple content views based on application business logic are all no problem for SiteWide CMS.

Publish Once, Consume Everywhere

SiteWide CMS effectively and easily delivers content to multiple sites, desktop and mobile, feeds and applications, all from a single repository. Using a responsive web front-end combined with SiteWide’s dynamic content delivery, further advances this ideal.

Live Preview

In today's highly dynamic web applications, previewing content in a sample or typical static template simply isn't good enough. With SiteWide CMS, you can preview content the way it actually looks in the context of your real, live application.

Flexible Content Structure

SiteWide CMS provides an extremely flexible content structure, organizing content in a hierarchy that content administrators define. The hierarchy can be extended at any time as needs grow and change. Organize content by topic, by department, by editor -- however it makes sense for your organization. Also, content structure need not, and typically should not, mimic your presentation structure. This means that generating your second, third, and subsequent front-end from the same content repository is as straightforward as your first.

Content Lifecycle

Individual content elements have a lifecycle with administrator-defined publication, archive, and expiration dates. Load your content in advance and forget about it: SiteWide CMS automatically makes your content available to users only for the period you specified. Manually overriding the automatic settings on a case-by-case basis is fully supported.

Content Navigator

Given the highly dynamic nature of SiteWide CMS's page generation, the Content Navigator provides powerful insights into how your assets are being used. The live, up-to-the-second report shows which assets are being used on which application pages, feeds, etc. You’ll also see how many times assets have been shown at each URI and how recently.

Advanced Access Control

SiteWide CMS's advanced access control module lets you define which administrators can view, edit, preview, and approve specific content, as well as which site users can view content. You can also configure access to different sections of your web site for different groups of users. For example, some pages may be viewable by the public, but others only by registered users. Combine the two mechanisms and be in total control of access to your content.

Simplified Workflow

Newly loaded or edited content appears in queues awaiting administrator approval. Once logged in, these administrators review just the content they are responsible for, and approve or reject with the click of a button. Email notifications keep responsible parties up to date.

Customizable Asset Meta-data

Associate properties you define with content and then search, sort, and show content based on their assigned values. You can also define custom document-type properties (rich text, images, etc.) to create multifaceted assets managed as a single unit.

Web-based Administration and Management Tools

All the tools you need to configure, manage, and mainain your content are accessible from any web browser. You have full control, when and where you need it.

Live Edit

Logged in content administrators see controls overlaying content items they have edit rights to when viewing a live site. Clicking a control takes them to the appropriate asset or category in the admin tools so they can make content changes right on the spot. Of course, edits still need to be approved before going live.

Flexible Deployment Options

SiteWide CMS is a J2EE compliant web application that runs in dozens of servlet containers on multiple platforms.

Developer Tools

Want to build and/or maintain your own web site as well as manage your content in-house? SiteWide CMS comes with a rich set of J2EE tag libraries and service calls for building dynamic, always up-to-date pages.

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