SiteStarters™: Web Application Components to Quickstart Your Development Efforts

Use these battle-tested components to quickly add dynamism and interactivity to turn your web site into a web application.


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Users & Groups - Enable personalization by collecting user profile data and use that data to inform customized presentations.

Access Control - In conjunction with Users & Groups, you can configure fine-grained control over who can see what site pages and content. Provide password protected, members only, and premium offerings.

Calendar - Display and navigate perpetual calendars with year, month, week, day, and list views. Plot date-relevant content to provide a familiar, easy-to-use, visual navigation paradigm.

Banners - Rotate text and image banners through site pages. Weight banners to appear more or less often than their peers and target them to site sections or individual pages. Use them for advertising, news items, fast facts, and more.

Clickthru Tracking - Keep track of transitions to and from your site to gauge the effectiveness of referrals, ad banners, and partner agreements. Track clicks in and out on a page-by-page and campaign-by-campaign basis.

Error Reporting - One of the core needs for application developers is the ability to propegate informative diagnostics up the call stack. Our toolkit allows developers to classify diagnostics by who should see them, from friendly and informative messages for users to highly detailed trace for developers and Q/A staff. Select the appropriate level of output based on who's viewing the page.

Upload/Download Management - Both user-facing and administrative applications can benefit from the ability to move files into and out of a web application. Bulk importing data, allowing users to add an image to their profile, and generating customized reports on the fly are just a few of the many uses.

Threaded Discussions - Help build community online by providing your users a forum for discussion. Administrators control which level of individual threads are postable, which are read-only, and whether users can initiate new threads or only respond to existing threads. Full-text search is provided so users can quickly locate posts of interest.

Shopping Cart & Payment Processing - Used in conjunction with your store catalog application, this component provides the basic features you expect from an Internet shopping experience, including: add and remove items from the cart, adjust the quantity of items, set product options such as size and color, and calculate subtotals. Payment processing is integrated with Verisign's widely deployed and trusted PayFlowPro product.

Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys - Collect valuable feedback from users and add fun interactive elements. Easily configure polls, quizzes, and surveys via a web-based tool and present results individually, cumulatively, or download individual responses for offline processing.

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