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Drug reps provide a lot of value, but the personal visit model doesn't make sense for all doctors all the time. For doctors whose schedules don't permit interruptions, who are already informed and know what they want, are remote or are otherwise difficult to reach, online sampling is an accessible, flexible and cost effective solution.


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More Efficient for Doctors and Reps

Cloud Sampling Rx lets office staff suggest samples and manage the administrative details associated with placing orders. Doctors sign off on orders exposing them to the brands, but are otherwise freed up to spend more valuable time with patients. Reps can elect to deliver samples to doctors in person, potentially meeting highly qualified physicians they might not have otherwise, or let fulfillment ship the samples.

Configurable Closet

Sample only what you want. Configure sampling campaigns based on brands, dosages, packaging, and quantities. Maintain assets for products including title, rich-text description images, etc., using our built-in asset management tool. Multiple brands with distinct configurations? No problem, multiple concurrent programs with distinct rules are fully supported.

Not Just Drugs

You can also sample literature and vouchers/coupons, both physical and electronic. We can manage and track inventory on our own or integrate with your existing systems.

Targeted or Open

Know who you want to sample to? Give us a target list of doctors and allocations and we'll enforce your distribution rules. We'll even send an email reminder to doctors when they're eligible to reorder.

Want to be open to all doctors? No problem: new doctors can self-register online and order samples, subject to license and address verification.


Cloud Sampling RX can verify that the license for a doctor placing an order is in good standing and that the shipping address is officially recognized. Initial verification is optional when you provide a pre-verified target list, but required in open mode.

Configurable Order Cycle

Permit reorders on a monthly basis by-the-calendar, or on a sliding window based on last order date. Manage reorders individually per product, by product group, or globally to control shipping costs.

Signature: Finger or Electronic

On HTML5 capable devices or native apps, capture a finger signature with each order. Or, optionally use an electronic signature via passwords. Single sign-on integrated solutions can be created against your systems.

Split Orders

Cloud Sampling Rx can split incoming orders such that multiple sample orders placed together can be divided among several fulfillment venders. This is especially useful when running several programs concurrently or when sampling drug and non-drug items.

Works With Your Fulfillment Provider

Cloud Sampling Rx already talks to many of the industry's top fulfillment providers. But if you work with someone new to us, chances are we can develop an endpoint for your provider. Options include: fax document, SOAP or REST service call, ftp/sftp transferred or manually imported order/status files in numerous formats, all with variable exchange timings, in batch or real-time mode.

Integrated or Stand Alone

Already have a drug marketing web presence you want to sample from? Via a set of service calls, Cloud Sampling Rx can act as the sampling engine to your site's front-end user interface. Or, we can build and deploy stand-alone sampling web sites for you using your branding or ours.

Channel Aggregation

Cloud Sampling Rx can be used as a channel aggregator to manage a single set of allocations across multiple distribution channels, like mobile and web. In this way you get better control over your allocations while giving doctors the freedom to order from their preferred platform, or from multiple platforms.

Web-based Reports and Management Tools

All the tools you need to configure, manage, and maintain your sampling program are accessible from any web browser. You have full control, when and where you need it. We can even integrate with your internal CRM system via batch or real-time service calls.


As more and more demands are placed on doctor's schedules, reps waste a lot of time sitting in waiting rooms, and then rarely get a doctors full attention for more than a few seconds. Online sampling lets you reach doctors when and how it's most convenient for them.

Secure & Compliant

Cloud Sampling Rx is implemented following the J2EE standard and runs in a variety of containers. We do PCI compliant infrastructure deployments and have passed audits for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and PDMA adherence. We're ready to help support your audits.

Cost Effective

Costs vary depending on the details of your programs, but per order savings can be substantial compared to in-person rep visits. Talk to us about the specifics of your programs and we'll show you the numbers.


We can work with you, your marketing firm, or our own partners to coordinate marketing campaigns with your sample programs. Automated reporting on effectiveness, retention rates, reorder rates, and others can be provided.


Cloud Sampling Rx runs frequent automatic self checks and alerts system administrators if problems are detected. Administrators also monitor the system regularly, reviewing logs, performance metrics, and activity. In this way you have confidence things run smoothly, and if there should be a problem, we put corrective measures into place as soon as possible. Even if a problem is outside the scope of our system (for example with your fulfillment provider), we'll shepherd the issue from discovery through resolution to help expedite a solution.


In addition to technical support for the software and systems, we also provide customer support to you and to your HCPs. We can cooperate with you as part of your existing support system as an escalation point, or interact with customers directly and independently via phone and email.

Work With Us

Since 2003, Cloud Sampling Rx™ has powered dozens of pharmaceutical sampling programs. Today's core system is capable of processing millions of orders a day. Our buy/build hybrid model remains our core value and delivers exactly the system you need. We can customize a solution for your special needs, assist with med/legal reviews and compliance audits. We can start you off with a basic system today, and grow it as your program expands over time. Talk to us and find out what we can do for you.

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