Responsive design furthers the ideal of publish once, consume everywhere.

We've become huge fans of responsive design - With the adoption by the W3C of CSS media queries as a recommended standard about a year ago, and the wide-ranging support available in all modern browsers both desktop and mobile, the time has finally come to take responsive design seriously for mainstream projects.

Every so often a small technological change happens that brings about a disproportionately large change in how we think about content delivery online and this is just such a change. No longer is it necessary to create distinctive experiences for desktop vs tablet vs mobile users, but rather a single, well thought out experience that adapts itself on the fly to the user's display preference is possible. By creating smooth, gradual transitions, we can even design for form factors that don't yet exist today: no more retooling every time that hot new gadget with a somewhat different screen size comes out.

In the realm of content management, we are one step closer to the ideal of publish once, consume everywhere. Our SiteWide CMS® already did a great job delivering content to multiple platforms, and now in combination with a responsive client we can also develop once and deliver everywhere, saving customers time and money and further blurring the distinction between mobile and desktop.

Given the huge range and variety of Internet connected displays now on the scene, we're recommending responsive designs to all our clients. For an example of our responsive design at work, see Western CT Visitor's Bureau.

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