Valiant Hire
Valiant Hire

Client Objective

The client needed to transform its existing pictures-and-text web site into a dynamic, database-driven e-commerce application. Additionally:

  • Administrators needed an easy way to maintain inventory, review orders, and communicate with customers.
  • Given that many customers need the same product year after year, the client wanted to give them the ability to select and submit reorders.
  • Customers also wanted to make the ordering process easier by not having to reenter shipping addresses and details.

Our Approach

  • We had a series of meetings with the client to help come to an understanding of the desired feature set.
  • Starting from the existing site design, we made minimal modifications to accommodate the new dynamic elements.
  • We worked with the client's IT staff to understand their existing product data and how to migrate it to the new web application.

Our Solution

  • We designed a database to manage inventory and orders and populated the database from the client's legacy system.
  • We built a set of tools to allow administrators to maintain product inventory, review orders, and update order status.
  • We added personalization with a "My Valiant" section. Registered customers can see their order history, reorder items from that history, maintain lists of ship-to addresses, and more.

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