Catalytic Group is ...

Communicative.  We listen first to our clients' perspectives, problems, and goals and then have a conversation, in
plain English, about the ways digital technology may be a part of a solution. The conversation continues throughout a project so that we function with our clients seamlessly as a team.

Sensible.  There are many reasons to choose one solution over another; how well it solves a problem today is but one.  Cost is an obvious factor that can be very difficult to calculate when considering ongoing maintenance, the systems it runs on, and the staff who care for and feed it.  We also consider how quickly a solution can be deployed, how reliable it will be, how well it positions our client for the future, the effort to change or enhance it, and non-technical business considerations.  The right solution is the one that optimizes all these often competing characteristics.

Agile.  We follow an iterative methodology, similar to agile, with aspects of kanban and lean, that allows us to quickly deliver basic elements of a solution and then iterate, adding more detail and functionality with each subsequent pass. In this way we can make timely minor course adjustments based on client feedback, and arrive at a solution by the most direct, efficient, cost effective path possible. It also allows us to start development and deliver useful solutions while certain aspects of the project are as yet unknown.

Smart.  Our partners are formally educated engineers, each with twenty-five years of industry experience and hundreds of successful projects under their belts.  We have a deep and intuitive understanding of how to develop a digital strategy and the solution to implement it.

Committed.  Every project we do is managed directly by a partner offering superior customer service, which has earned us enduring relationships with our clients that continue year after year.

Passionate.  We love what we do and seek to share our enthusiasm with our clients.  Educating our clients about the current state of digital design and the technology choices they face is a part of every job we do.

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